Monday, 25 October 2010

More bootie from the Booty..

Well I've managed to get myself a couple of fabby items. the first from the Ebay shop opposite our's at Blackminster called Wizpan. Mary has some lovely bits and pieces, a proper bric a brac shop with some really nice bits.

This lovely little woven sewing basket is in fabby condition and I'm going to be carefull to make it over without altering it. I think it will need just a good clean and maybe some new fabric for the lining, other than that I think I got a nice little bargain. Cant decide what it will hold yet possibly it will return to being a sewing basket as recently I can see it's been used for holding plants so we'll see.

Next is a 50p bargain from the weekly boot sale up the road from us. Its a simple wire basket, about 12" x 9" so will come in handy for my paint pots or inks and sprays. Going to give this a good clean and then respray it with a smooth hammerite to make sure it takes the knocks and bumps that things seem to suffer from in my craft space, maybe I should stop the grandchildren from using it but what fun would that be.........
I think a bit of alcohol inks on the handle should do the job......
Dont ya just love a bargain, hope to get these done in the next wee while so I'll post piccies of the finished items as and when.

~ ~ ~

Also this week we have been to the Mop Fair in Stratford. I just love the lights, noise and smell of the fair. I also love the taste but with Slimming World not being quite so successfull this week have abstained from hotdogs and candy floss :(

ok so the focus is really bad but I think you can just make out Bev, Dave and yes Abi on the Twister. My but that granddaughter of mine is a daredevil. The faster they go the better she likes it.....

Take care

Julie xx


pickle said...

Oh what fabby bargains. :)

Kerry x

sparklingblackrose said...

Ooh nice bargains :-) Just following the blogrollon Crafty bloggers network-I am a new follower! Elaine-xxx-