Friday, 26 March 2010

Easter Basket.......

Hi ya again, I know twice in one day...........

Ok as promised the instructions for the lovely little Easter Basket. You will notice I have enhanced the original slightly and I'm loving it.

You are going to need 1 sheet of card, patterned or plain. I have used a sheet of 12 x 12 Bo Bunny Persuasion Dot. You will also need a paper trimmer or knife and ruler, punches or die cutter, adhesive and some embellishments.

Firstly take your sheet of 12 x 12 (if thats what your using) and cut an 8" x 8" square. Keep the other bits they will come in handy when you come to decorate your bag

Take your square and score each side at 2 3/4". At this stage I fold each side as it's easier than after you have cut.

Now make a cut twice on opposite sides to the center fold as per the diagram.

Attach adhesive to the edge ot the middle panels, again as per the diagram.

Now pull together the outside panels and as they meet fold up the center panel and adhere. (Oh please let this be making sense)

By now your basket should be looking like this........

Take the smaller of the off cuts, in this case the 8" x 4" piece and cut in half length ways. With one piece punch the edges with a decorative border punch or even use a trimmer with a fancy blade, hey it's your basket cut how you like. Now adhere together.

(the error in my punching was to show that it can happen and in no-way spoils the effect of the finishes item)

Attach the handle in place, you will find the edges sit nicely on the top of the side panels so just center it there...

Now for the fun bit


Firstly I cut a couple of oval matting layers and a scalloped one. Sanded and inked the edges before layering up. The bottom two flat together and the top one on 3D foam.

Then it was out with the blossoms and brads, threw in some ribbon and a lovely sticker also from the Bo Bunny Persuasion range......

et VOILA!!!!!!!!

Hope you find this useful.....

Jules xxx

F-F-F Friday

It's very strange getting up on a Friday morning and not having to dash about like a mad thing getting ready for work. Yep I've got a Friday off yippee!!! so do I do the good housewifely thing and clean, tidy, dust and polish ........ nah that would be a waste of a perfectly good day off. So shall I colour, cut or crop???????? decisions decisions... Actually I think I may just incorporate the two things that need done - TIDYING & CRAFTING - I'm going to tidy my craft room. I say mine it's sort of shared with a couple of toy boxes and mega amounts of Lego, arhh now all becomes clear, it's not my fault the rooms a mess it's those pesky children (am I a mean nanny blaming my gorgeous grandchildren)hahaha. You tell me, look at the mess.......

just look at all the mess that dolls house makes and that little Lego box in the window just has to go........

No seriously, I love it when I'm sitting at my desk and the kids are playing beside me. We often all sit at the desk colouring or cutting, it's just the best thing ever.

I started my day off last night. Dh went out and I thought I'd have a little play so sat and made this lovely little Easter basket.

It was really easy (come on, I managed it)

Tell ya what, I'm going to go and do a little tuturial and some piccies to go with it. I'll post them here (that is if it's any good) a bit later. The one in the picture measures 12cm wide by 15cm high (that to the top of the handle) top of the basket isn13cm and width is 6cm. Now all you crafters that can look at something and just do it will most likely be able to do it from that, me "NO" so for the rest of us pop back soon and it should be done. So kettle on and camera out me thinks, see ya soonly..............

bye bye

Julie xx

Wednesday, 24 March 2010


yup, thats me - Pants@blogging ..... actually that would be a really good label (might use it later if no-one else pinches it first - hahaha)

I've been so busy lately but I'm trying to set aside time foe "ME" not sure how it's gonna go, will have to see.

My latest purchase has been some lovely new clear stamps from Wild Rose Studio's. They are beautifully deepand the images are soooooo clear and when coloured in with ProMarkers look terrific

I've noticed I haven't grounded her so will go back and put some colour down on the bottom of the image so as she doent look like she's floating. I've a couple of other's done but I want to let you know what I've used and my pens are in the shop so I'll try and do those later.

Have a good day ....byee