Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Not such a Terrible Tuesday......

The title only indicates that Tuesday is the day Bev and I dread, for Tuesday is ..........


Well how about that, just got back from fat club (Slimming World) and after a really pants week last week this week I've lost a fabby 3 1/ good is that? I must say I am now feeling far more positive about the 2st I want to lose before Bev's wedding in August....

Sam sent me some pictures today of Harry (DGS2) on his new bike that he had for Christmas. She said he laughed and chuckled the whole way to the shop's and back again, with a bit of advertising thrown in by the look of it......

He is possibly the smiley est baby I know, he's never grumpy or whingey and is always happy to see you. I am so lucky, my girls have given me the most wonderful grandchildren. Thank you xxx

So tomorrow we are meant to get more snow, I do hope not it just isnt funny anymore. Even the kid's had had enough by the time it got to thaw. For Alex though, he was more upset at missing school. Well we'll see, either it will or it wont and there is nothing we can do about it bar wrap up warm and remember the warning................................

..........................................DONT EAT YELLOW SNOW......bye bye

Monday, 18 January 2010

Swimmingly Good Fun......

I'm sure child labour has been abolished but I use the excuse she is helping her poor old granny.....

.....I think the word help was used a little prematurely, I was mopping up for 20 mins after, but she had so much fun.

I think I may have unearthed a demon though as
everytime she come's now she run's into the kitchen shouter "water nanny, water" dragging a chair across to the sink and banging the tap demanding to do the washing up. I wouldn't mind but as washing up is one of the jobs I do I bought a dishwasher - phhuh could have saved myself a couple of £100. arhh well......... :)

Maybe I could hire her out, then again I would probably be spending more time appologising for the destruction.
at least this time she hadn't gotten one of the straws she normally gets and blows bubbles until they fill the sink and start creeping over the edge of the worktop, looking like Mount Vesuvius.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Satisfactory Sunday.......

This was a lovely surprise. A card drops through the door and imagine my delight to find not only a lovely sentiment from Bev but a chunk of my favourite chocolate. It was just one of those "I saw this and thought of you" she told me. Well she can think of me with chocolate any time she like's..............hold on a minute, is she trying to sabotage my diet...............nahh she wouldn't do that, would she?

On that note, the diet that is, not going brilliantly at the moment. Finding it hard to get back into the swing of it. It's easy, well "Extra Easy" in fact. Yep, Slimming World Extra Easy is the method I have chosen. It has been brilliant. When I start back in 2008 I was doing the old Red and Green days but since the introduction of Extra Easy, after an initial feeling that it couldn't possibly work I've done it for over 12 months and have lost 3 1/2 stone. It was 4 stone but after a bad christmas it's now only three and a half, but it will go again as I've got a wedding in August to go to so I would love to drop another 2 stone by then.

>Slimming World Curry, dont knock it 'til you tried it........

.......and Slimming World Chips, as much as you want - whenever you want on Extra Easy

But today it was The Barley Mow, Studley for a carvery. Again free to eat on plan except for my drizzle of gravy and spoonful of cranbery sauce (ya gotta have cranberry with turkey)

ok so that's me for today.

Take care and have a good week if I dont get back soonly....... Julie xxx

Saturday, 16 January 2010

I promise to try harder......

Well it has been an awful long time but this is me promising to blog at least once a week and if I dont get time to write to at least post a picture or 2.

The snow has gone and the rain is well and truely here yet the cat still wants to go out, plonker.
So just to re-cap I have Rosie the rottie, George the black-n-white moggie and Gizmo the persian. Possibly the least amount of animals I have ever shered my life with. I do also have a share in the Blackminster cat Tabby, so I still get my fix at work.