Saturday, 3 February 2007

The Start

Hello and welcome to my blog. I suppose it will start off like any other, a bit of waffle about me, my family, my pets, what I do where I do it. So not wanting to disappoint you I will. Well not right now as I'll fill in details about me in my thingy on the side........profile I think it's called but I cant see it from here so I'll check later. .................phew that was a close one, I clicked the preview button to , well preview and couldn't find my way back, but I did so I'll carry on.

Maybe just a bit of background then so as I can continue to waffle and hope you can keep up............................

Married, 2 grown up girls, 1 married and 1 might as well be, 1 grandson and cats, dogs and horses. I've got my own business running a small but beautifully formed craft shop. DD2 works with me in the shop and DD1 steps in to help out when needed. DH is my handyman as well as having a proper job. The girls other-halves are also a much appreciated part of everything I do be it at home or in the shop and as for DGS, well he can do no wrong apparently. Everyone says I spoil him which of course I don't but he can regularly be seen in the shop behind the counter doing what he calls "his work" on the computer. We know it as watching Thomas the Tank Engine or Bob the Builder.

So there you have it a brief run down on what I'm about.

Well I hope everyone has a good week-end, I'm off to a couple of suppliers so should see some new stuff in the shop next week, oh yes the shop didn't tell you about it, arhh well there's plenty of time for that, catch ya next week.

Bye for now