Wednesday, 24 March 2010


yup, thats me - Pants@blogging ..... actually that would be a really good label (might use it later if no-one else pinches it first - hahaha)

I've been so busy lately but I'm trying to set aside time foe "ME" not sure how it's gonna go, will have to see.

My latest purchase has been some lovely new clear stamps from Wild Rose Studio's. They are beautifully deepand the images are soooooo clear and when coloured in with ProMarkers look terrific

I've noticed I haven't grounded her so will go back and put some colour down on the bottom of the image so as she doent look like she's floating. I've a couple of other's done but I want to let you know what I've used and my pens are in the shop so I'll try and do those later.

Have a good day ....byee

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