Sunday, 14 February 2010

Sleepy Sunday ......

Hello and good morning, told ya I was rubbish at keeping up with my blog.

Anyway, what a manic few weeks. I have been absolutely rubbish at fat club, putting back the weight I'd lost over the last month so I'm really mad with myself - I mean what a waste of time and money. I really dont want to be the fat mom inn the photo's but looks like I'm failing that battle and fast.

Talking about the wedding, plans are really starting to come together. The venue, church and reception are sorted. Last week Bev ordered her dress and it's absolutely gorgeous, bridesmaids dresses are just about done and mens suits booked. Not bad, oh yes the cake and flowers are also sorted so Bev and David have really worked hard.

Alex's swimming lesson's are going really well and he has given Beaver's a try and decided it's not for him. Little Harry is now pulling himself up at every opportunity and walking is just round the corner I think.

Booked my holiday, going back to that lovely camp site in France we were at last year. Loved it soooo much, might even have a go at fishing while there this time...

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