Friday, 26 March 2010

F-F-F Friday

It's very strange getting up on a Friday morning and not having to dash about like a mad thing getting ready for work. Yep I've got a Friday off yippee!!! so do I do the good housewifely thing and clean, tidy, dust and polish ........ nah that would be a waste of a perfectly good day off. So shall I colour, cut or crop???????? decisions decisions... Actually I think I may just incorporate the two things that need done - TIDYING & CRAFTING - I'm going to tidy my craft room. I say mine it's sort of shared with a couple of toy boxes and mega amounts of Lego, arhh now all becomes clear, it's not my fault the rooms a mess it's those pesky children (am I a mean nanny blaming my gorgeous grandchildren)hahaha. You tell me, look at the mess.......

just look at all the mess that dolls house makes and that little Lego box in the window just has to go........

No seriously, I love it when I'm sitting at my desk and the kids are playing beside me. We often all sit at the desk colouring or cutting, it's just the best thing ever.

I started my day off last night. Dh went out and I thought I'd have a little play so sat and made this lovely little Easter basket.

It was really easy (come on, I managed it)

Tell ya what, I'm going to go and do a little tuturial and some piccies to go with it. I'll post them here (that is if it's any good) a bit later. The one in the picture measures 12cm wide by 15cm high (that to the top of the handle) top of the basket isn13cm and width is 6cm. Now all you crafters that can look at something and just do it will most likely be able to do it from that, me "NO" so for the rest of us pop back soon and it should be done. So kettle on and camera out me thinks, see ya soonly..............

bye bye

Julie xx

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