Monday, 18 January 2010

Swimmingly Good Fun......

I'm sure child labour has been abolished but I use the excuse she is helping her poor old granny.....

.....I think the word help was used a little prematurely, I was mopping up for 20 mins after, but she had so much fun.

I think I may have unearthed a demon though as
everytime she come's now she run's into the kitchen shouter "water nanny, water" dragging a chair across to the sink and banging the tap demanding to do the washing up. I wouldn't mind but as washing up is one of the jobs I do I bought a dishwasher - phhuh could have saved myself a couple of £100. arhh well......... :)

Maybe I could hire her out, then again I would probably be spending more time appologising for the destruction.
at least this time she hadn't gotten one of the straws she normally gets and blows bubbles until they fill the sink and start creeping over the edge of the worktop, looking like Mount Vesuvius.

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