Monday, 28 January 2008

Just another manic Monday.....

I actualy think that's an understatement. Been rushing around like the preverbial blue ar##d fly. Bless her though, Sam just kept the kettle boiling - NO - not for Bev, for a brew.........

Diet went not to bad today, only lapsed once. Well bill left a little bar of CDM on his desk and I had to walk by it to get to the phone and a square sort of found it's way into my mouth, totally bypassed the hand - just straight into the mouth. Could'nt do anything about it.

Rosie is sitting behind me in her basket snoring and Ben is asleep
on my feet (toasty warm). Actually he was quite poorly this morning,
he does insist on washing Rosie's face and I think he swallowed a dog
hair to much and they all found their way over the kitchen floor this
morning - YUK - but the problem was that he was still coughing and
gaging for about an hour after. Anyhow he is perfectly well now and
quite happy to wash Rosie's face yet again. Look at him, like butter
would'nt melt. Fantastic little dog and Alex's best mate.

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